Must Know

I recommend marking your animal


As I know from my veterinary practice, your animals must be marked by electronic chip. With reference to Lithuania’s small animal doctors’ association work experience and research results, I offer to do this immediately. Microchiping allows your animal to safely reach home, and it is also very useful for veterinary doctors to control spreading of hereditary diseases; provide information about animal vaccination and population record.

The procedure is not painful – it is just as big as a grain which is introduced under the skin and stays there entire life. European Union animal pass, which is necessary for traveling abroad, can be given only for animals with microchip. After marking animal information is then registered in centralized Lithuania’s and European countries databases.

I offer to castrate and sterilize your pet.


A lot of animals are homeless so we recommend neuter and spay your animal. Supposedly giving a birth even once has a big benefit for bitches health, however if you don’t think of breeding, it should be spayed or neutered by the age of 6 – 12 months, according to the species, breed of animal and other factors.

Many of our pets sometimes have uterus, ovary, prostate, mammary gland inflammations which very often happen among nonsterilised and not breeded older animals, so this simple and safe way will help in avoiding such abnormalities.

 Spayed females wont have oestrus cycle,they will be more peacefull and you wont have to guard your animal from accidental pairing, similarly pet will be much less prone to get aforesaid diseases.

Castrated males stop signing their territory at home, unpleasant smell will disappear, and he will be more peaceful because he will lose an interest in females. Chance to have prostate disease will decrease.

All surgeries are made under general anesthesia which strongly reduces any risk. Spaying and neutering don’t have any dramatic changes for your pet’s character.

Recommending this type of treatment, veterinary doctor will gladly discuss the best time for your pet to be neutered or castrated.


I offer to visit a vet after you purchase family friend.


Veterinary doctor will check your pet’s health, will clarify about mandatory prophylactic means, answer to your questions, give advice how to avoid vexatious growing and care mistakes. It’s very useful to consult your vet before you purchase animal.

Guard your animal from parasites!

Our dogs, cats and other pets can have various parasites inside and on their bodies: worms, fleas, ticks louses. Some of parasites can be dangerous for human also. First time, drugs against parasites is given to animal when it is 3-4 weeks old. It is necessary to dose medicine carefully. Next time treatment should be repeated by the recommendations from your vet. Nowadays there are plenty secure, long acting remedies for animal protection from fleas and ticks. It is mandatory to treat animal if it has parasitic ticks on, inside skin or in ears.

I offer to vaccine your pet

Puppies until one year of age are vaccinated 2 or 3 times: 6 weeks of age, 2 months of age and 3 months of age or 2 months of age and 3 months of age. Before vaccination, animal should be dehelminted.

Kittens are vaccinated bye 2 and 3 months of age. Before, same as puppies, they should be dehelminted.

Ferrets are vaccinated same like dogs.

Adult animals are vaccinated 1 time per year.

It is mandatory to vaccine dogs and cats against rabies.


Vitamins and minerals are necessary for normal organism functions, otherwise too much of them can do harm. You should discuss about food additives with your vet, who will give additives for your pet after its health status and food ratios are evaluated.

Reikia žinoti Reikia žinoti

VT Clinic laboratory

Using modern IDEXX hematologic and biochemical analyzer, laboratory of the clinic is able to perform difficult tests which help veterinary doctor to make the best treatment monitoring considering to age and species of animal.


 These uncial technologies allow us to perform many variations of tests by combining them which help to diagnose inflammation, allergy, blood system diseases and early signs of other diseases. Even a slightly variations of blood test results can do harm for animal health. Various diseases symptoms arise when composition, color, chemical properties of blood changes comparing with normal rates.

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