About us


VT Clinic is a small animal veterinary clinic, which is located at Kaunas, Demokratu st. 53. All veterinary services including diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis for dogs, cats and other small animals can be done here. Clinic is provided with perfect diagnostic equipment, laboratory analyzers of urine and blood which allows veterinary specialists to assess and define exact diagnosis and status of the patient. Also there is laboratory assistant that is using professional laboratory equipment for wide range analysis – complete blood count, particular blood parameters, and biochemical blood analysis so the client gets comprehensive information about the patient and qualified veterinary help if necessary.

Also we perform various types of surgeries, dental fur removal using ultrasound device. Soon there will be modern clinic cages for ill animals, patients after surgeries and for those animals which cannot be supervised by their owners during recovery. Veterinary doctor consults owners about growing, feeding and handling of animal and also chooses the best fodder or food additives for your pet including veterinary therapeutic diet. Inside veterinary drug store has super premium class fodder and veterinary diets, designed for dogs and cats.

Lastly a small animal hairdresser can offer for your animal a nice haircut!